herman de bode fanny huygen

Herman De Bode & Fanny Huygen

Traveling from their native Flanders, Herman De Bode and his wife Fanny fell in love with Capaccia during a trip to Tuscany in 2009. The following year, Herman purchased the estate with its aging vineyards, rustic winery and Medieval hamlet all in dire need of renovation.

Herman quickly got to work replanting the Chianti Classico vineyards and breaking ground on the state-of-art underground winery.

By 2017, the young vines were producing exquisite wines in the newly inaugurated winery. Restoration of the Capaccia hamlet began in 2021, a monumental undertaking to lift the majestic buildings from the rubble. The tower of Capaccia has returned to its original splendor overlooking the Radda valley. Herman’s dedication to the territory is paramount as he continues his mission to produce the best wine in the most beautiful place on earth.

alyson morgan

Alyson Morgan

Alyson Morgan came to Capaccia in 2012 to manage the winery and oversee wine production. Originally from California’s Mendocino Coast, Alyson graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Viticulture and Enology and spent two decades making wine in Chianti Classico.

Alyson applies everything she has learned to create phenomenal wines for Capaccia. She was able to design the winery with the goal of turning Herman’s vision into reality. With incredible grapes and a state-of-the-art winery, Alyson is creating wines that respect tradition and reflect Capaccia’s perfection.

Donato Alvino

Donato Alvino

Donato Alvino, originally from Basilicata, has lived and worked in Chianti Classico since 1996. After gaining experience in the area’s vineyards and wineries, he arrived in Capaccia with a wealth of knowledge and skills to elevate the quality of the wine.

Donato has spent nearly 20 years tending Capaccia Vineyards and assisting in the estate’s rebirth. His impeccable attention to detail and tireless dedication to Capaccia are reflected in the perfectly manicured vineyards and impeccable winery.

Donato works continuously to improve every aspect of the winery, from the soil to the bottle.