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Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico


Harvested at the end of September, the Sangiovese grapes are rigorously selected. The clusters are destemmed and the individual berries are selected on the vibrating table and they are gravity fed into the fermentation tank below.

The must ferments for about four weeks with pumping overs and delestage throughout maceration to allow optimal extraction.

After pressing, the new wine passes into another tank to complete the malolactic fermentation while the skins are gently pressed.

Once the secondary fermentation is completed, the wine is racked into large oak casks of 25 HL for aging.

The Chianti Classico remains in wine casks for 18 months to soften tannins and ensure that the delicate fruit notes remain intact. The goal is to create a wine that reflects the terroir of Capaccia.


100% Sangiovese

Tasting notes


Dark and rich red


Powerful aroma of dark cherry with floral notes.


Marked acidity, balanced tannins pleasant softness.

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